What kind of paper notebook do you like?

1. A sense of design
The cover is good-looking. Even if the photo is taken well, the design is simple. This is very simple; the other part is to rely on all kinds of dead details and think from the perspective of the user to slowly polish it. This is difficult. The soul of a book is often In these details.
2. Good paper quality
For different people, the standard of good paper quality is different, and it is important not to bleed ink. If you are a student party, you may use ordinary gel pens and write a lot. At this time, the most important thing is to do fast.
3. Excellent internal page design
I don’t like all kinds of templates, because that will really make me too lazy to think. What I like here is the universal inner page design, which becomes more comfortable and user-friendly through small adjustments.
Fourth, it can be shared equally
The notebooks that can’t be flattened at 180 degrees are anti-human, just block them.
Five, cost performance
The student party needs a lot of writing, so even the best book is too expensive to use every day.


Post time: Dec-14-2020

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